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Breakers and Switches
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Circuit Breakers
Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB)
Air Circuit Breakers (ACB)

Switch-disconnectors, switch fuses, cam switches, change-over and transfer switches
Enclosed / safety switches

Fusegear and Cable Distribution Cabinets
Switch fuses, fuse switch disconnectors, fuse links, fuse monitors and enclosures with busbar system and apparatus

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Intelligent Building Control KNX

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Wiring Accessories

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Baldor - Stock Product

Single Phase Motors ∴ General Purpose Industrial Motors ∴ Severe Duty Motors ∴ Large AC Motors ∴ Washdown Duty Motors ∴ Explosion Proof Motors ∴ Pump Motors ∴ Light Industrial / Commercial Motors ∴ HVAC Motors ∴ Farm Duty Motors ∴ Definite Purpose Motors ∴ Unit Handling Motors ∴ Brake Motors ∴ 200 & 575 Volt Motors ∴ IEC Frame Motors ∴ 50 Hertz Motors ∴ Inverter/Vector Motors & Controls ∴ DC Motors and Controls ∴ Soft Starters and Dynamic Brakes ∴ Gearmotors & Gear Products ∴ Motor Accessories ∴ PT Components ∴ Grinders

Drives and inverters

Low voltage AC Drives and Power Inverters for all needs

ABB low voltage AC drives and low voltage power inverters

> Micro drives 0.18 to 4 kW

> Machinery drives 0.18 to 560 kW

> General purpose drives 0.75 to 355 kW

> Motion control products 0.75 to 160 kW

> Industrial drives 0.55 to 5600 kW

Single drives
Drive modules

> Industrial specific drives 0.37 to 400 kW

-Drives for HVAC
-Drives for water

> Low voltage power inverters

- Solar inverters
-Wind turbine converters

BU Low Voltage Drives
Markets served

>AC drive

Electrical supply device also known as frequency converter.
AC drive is used control the speed, torque or position of an AC motor.

>AC drive system

Combination of AC drive and motor plus transmission system, e.g. gearbox

Main components of AC drive

An AC drive converts mains current and voltage with fixed frequency and amplitude into current and voltage with variable frequency and amplitude

An AC drive consists of rectifier, DC voltage intermediate circuit, inverter and control electronics

Control electronics control the operation of an AC drive

Variable speed control (VSD) Benefits

> Saves energy

> Improves quality through better process controllability

- reduces waste and saves raw materials

> Soft start and stop reduces process equipment wear

> Electrical braking of the motor

- possibility to produce energy for other motors or feed the energy back to network.

> Reduces noise

> Natural resources saved while process efficiency improved

Low voltage AC drives Products

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Low voltage power inverters Products

PC tools, remote monitoring options and fieldbus adapters

ABB solar inverters for photovoltaic systems
Enabling the power of the sun

Sunlight leads the way

All renewable energies are derived in one form or another from the sun. The sun itself has enormous potential to become the most dominant direct source of all renewable energies. It provides, within three days into earth‘s atmosphere, as much energy as that contained by all of the known fossil fuel reserves underground. It has been a source of renewable energy for millions of years and now looks set to play a leading role in providing energy to society for the foreseeable future.

Comprehensive solar inverter offering

The ABB solar inverter utilizes over 40 years of advances in inverter and power converter technology that has contributed to ABB becoming the world leader in frequency converters and one of the biggest suppliers of wind turbine converters.

Photovoltaic power plants – cost effectiveness

In large photovoltaic (PV) power plants - from 1 megawatt (MW) and above - PV modules are typically mounted, at ground level, on fixed tilted structures facing the sun or onto tracking devices. These land-based plants offer the most cost effective solution for PV based solar energy production by feeding electricity directly to the medium voltage (MV) grid.

Strong expertise with global presence

Experience since the early 1970’s in inverter and power converter technology has contributed to ABB becoming the world leader in frequency converters manufacturing and life cycle services. The ABB solar inverters are supported through a global network of service engineers on-site and through authorized service workshops.

The services offered for ABB solar inverters span the entire value chain of the product from pre-purchase to replacement and recycling. Throughout this value chain, ABB provides training, technical support and service contracts. With strong expertise, ABB ensures that its customers always gain the maximum return on their investment.

Components for solar tracking

Low voltage components

Induction motors

AC Induction Servomotors

High Dynamic Performance Series


AC Induction Servomotors HDP Series, have been designed to be used in rough operating conditions and to operate especially with the modern frequency converter (inverter).

The square frame design and the high overload capacity give to the motors an excellent dynamic response due to the low moment of inertia and high pulse torque.

The motors can be equipped with an optional mechanical integrated holding brake and a positioning encoder.

Main features

- IP54 protection for HDP-C with axial fan cooling system
- IP23 protection for HDP-V with radial fan cooling system
- Standard type of construction IMB3 - B5 and B35, H250 standard type B3
- Thermal class (Insulation class) F
- Ambient temperature range from 0 to +40°C. Altitude of site h < 1000 m above sea level. Relative air humidity < 95 % (no condensation)
- Motor shaft available with or without keyway acc. to IEC 72
- Vibration grade: A acc. to IEC 60034-14
- Tolerance class: N acc. to IEC 60072-1
- Forced axial and radial air fan cooling, 3-phases Supply
- Holding brake (optional)
- Motor transducers: encoders HTL e TTL (1024 pulses/ rev.; 5/10-30V standard), resolver and 1 Vpp Sin/Cos.
- Available oversized terminal box for large cables
- Standard painting RAL 9005 (black)
- Winding protection thermal switches (NC contacts) integrated in the winding overhang
- Number of poles 4 (H132, 160, 200, 250) and 6 (H100)
- Rated motors voltage 400V-460V (690 V optional by using du/dt filter)
- Max motor speed depending on bearings type
- Shielded and greased-for-life Ball Bearings as standard. Roller Bearings optional for high radial loads with nipple for re-greasing.
- Standard Insulated bearing on H200 and H250 size. Suggested on other sizes above 100 kW
- CE and UL Approval


- Reinforced holding brake
- Special Temperature sensor on request
- Second end shaft
- Front roller bearing
- Special cooling system
- Air noise suppressors for forced radial fan
- Special mounting systems (e.g. vertical mounting)
- High speed bearing

Industries and applications

HDP motors are ideal for following applications:
> Plastic and rubber
- Extruder, calenders
- Injection moulding machine
- Winders and Unwinders machine
- Blow moulding machines

> Printing
- Web and label printing
- Sheet-fed printing, commercial printing

> Paper and paperboard, film & foil converting
- Calendering, slitter, coating

> Cranes

> Amusement park industry

> Machine tools

High voltage flameproof induction motors

The simplest solution for explosive atmospheres

We provide motors, generators and mechanical power transmission products, services and expertise to save energy and improve customers’ processes over the total life cycle of our products, and beyond.


ABB’s comprehensive research and development program offers the latest technological advantages in motors and drives – providing significant benefits for customers.

ABB designs and manufactures electric motors and drives, with over 100 years of experience in supplying high voltage AC motors for virtually all industries, including applications for explosive atmospheres.

Features of flameproof protection

− No purging before starting
− No pressurization system required
− No inert gas needed
− No thermal limitation for “te” time
− Low maintenance costs

ABB premium quality

− High efficiency
− Low noise
− Long lifetime
− VPI insulation system
− Advanced design and latest technologies
− Over 100 years experience in rotating machines
− 50 years experience in manufacturing flameproof motors
− Global ABB service network
− ISO 9001 quality system
− ISO 14001 environmental management system


Standard certifications are:

Gas Group IIB and IIC T4 for IC411 and IC511.
Motors for T5 temperature class are available on request.

Typical national certifications:

Gas Group IIB and IIC T4 for IC411 and IC511 motors.
Motors for T5 temperature class are available on request.
The motors have been certified by the CSA. They comply with CSA and UL standards for electrical equipment for use in Class I, Zone 1 and 2.
The motors also comply with the Russian GOST Standard (ГОСТ P 52350.0 ГОСТ P 52350.1) and can be installed in areas where these standards are mandatory.
Other local certifications are available on request.

Low voltage generators

Low voltage industrial series generators

3 phase, 4 pole, 1500/1800 rpm
IEC frame size 180-500, 15-3750 kVA

We provide motors and generators, services and expertise to save energy and improve customers’ processes over the total life cycle of our products, and beyond.


Our new range of low voltage generators is developed to better fit market demands and is available in IEC frame sizes 180 to 500. The generators are ideal for supplying continuous, standby or emergency power for residential buildings, commercial premises, hospitals, schools, telecommunication facilities, industrial sites and mines.


ABB low voltage generators are built to comply with internationalIEC standards. The production unit is certified to the ISO 9001 international quality standard as well as the ISO 14001 environmental and OHSAS 18001 standards.

Electrical features

Voltage regulator

The automatic voltage regulator (AVR) is manufactured according to ABB specifications to ensure stable operation. The standard AVRs are of analogue type and mounted inside the main terminal box. A digital voltage regulator is available as an option.

Overload capability

Permissible overload is 110% for one hour every twelve hours.

Excitation systems

- Brushless excitation, built-in AVR and self-excited (PMI)
- Shunt, auxiliary winding and PMG excitation systems.
- Sustained short circuit current: >3 x In for 10 s (PMG, auxiliary winding).


The generators can be operated at either 50 or 60 Hz.

Voltage and connections

50Hz: 380~440V(Y), 220-254(Δ)
60Hz: 380~480V(Y), 220-277(Δ)
Voltage can be changed by reconnection and adjustment using the voltage regulator.
For frame sizes 0180-0355, twelve leads are brought into the terminal box to enable internal parallel star, series delta and parallel delta connections. Single phase operation also available by reconnection.


The new rating is calculated by:
Sn’ = Sn × derating factor
Sn’: new rating
Sn: rating for standard operation conditions


Insulation class H.
All windings are impregnated with high quality polyesterimide resin using vacuum pressure. They can withstand all expected mechanical and electrical shocks and vibrations as well as chemical corrosion.

Voltage waveform

For frame sizes 0180 - 0450, 2/3 winding pitch is used to eliminate the 3rd harmonic on the voltage waveform.

Temperature rise derating factors are as follows:
Class F rating = Class H rating × 0.91
Class B rating = Class H rating × 0.80

Mechanical features

Poles and frame sizes

- 4 poles
- Available frame sizes are 180, 200, 250, 280, 315, 355,400, 450 and 500.


The standard enclosure is IP23. Other enclosures such as IP44 are available on request in 500 frame size generators.

Direction of rotation

All the generators operate in clockwise direction as viewed from the drive end. Anticlockwise operation is available on request.


Up to frame size 400: sealed-for-life bearings
Frame size 450 - 500: regreasable bearings
The generators can be provided in single bearing or twobearing configurations.


All rotors are dynamically balanced according to ISO 1940 G2.5. Two bearing rotors are balanced with a half key.

Terminal box

The generators have a large terminal box which allows easy access to connection bars or to the AVR. Current transformers and other optional modules can be installed inside the box.


The maximum overspeed is 2250 rpm (1.25 times the 60Hz rated speed).


For IM2105 a single bearing, SAE flange, coupling disc and feet down.
For IM1001 (IMB34) double bearings, SAE flange, one horizontal shaft extension and feet down.
For AMG 0500, IM1101 (IMB20) or IM2401(IMB25) double bearings, SAE flange, one horizontal shaft extension and raised feet.

Main optional features

− Anti-condensation heater
− PTC thermistor
− PT100 for bearing
− PT100 for stator windings
− Current transformer for parallel operation
− Digital voltage regulator
− Air filter
− Power factor regulator
− Other options are available on request


DC motors - Type DMI

We provide motors and generators, services and expertise to save energy and improve customers’ processes over the total life cycle of our products, and beyond.

Products display



DMI motors comply with the re quirements of the international standard IEC Publ. 60034-1. Further references to standards can be found in the re spec tive chapter in this catalogue. Motors complying with other standards can be supplied on request.
The DMI motor series is CE-marked according to EMC Directive 89/336/ EEC and Low Voltage Directive 73/23/ EEC and 93/68/EEC. This series is also certifi ed to be incorporated into machinery in accordance with the Machine Directive 89/392/EEC. The DMI motor series can as option be delivered according to CSA for voltages up to 750 V.

Environment impact

DMI is designed to give low environmental impact throughout its service life. This includes the manufacturing process, suppliers, use by customers and recycling.

Location of cooling equip ment

Fans can be located on the right or left, or above DMI motors. Heat exchangers must not be mounted on the same side as the terminal box is located. The fans can be rotated 180°, but normally the filter should not face directly towards the terminal box. If not otherwise specified on the delivery order, the cooling equipment will/must always be installed so that the cooling air enters at the N-end of the DMI motor.

Mechanical design


The frame, main poles and interpoles are fully laminated. This ensures good commutation even during rapid current changes. The stator components are welded together in afixture, which both aligns and presses the plates together to form a solid unit. The square shape of the DMI-motor allows simple installation of accessories and air ducts and large openings for inspection.

Stator windings

The stator windings are of dual coat type-insulated copper wire. The stator is im preg nat ed to make the windings sturdy and mois ture resistant. The connections are brazed or crimped to withstand overloads.

Compensating winding

Frame sizes DMI 180-225 have no compensating winding. Frame sizes DMI 250-280 are available with two different designs, uncompensated or with compensating winding, reaching different performance. Frame sizes DMI 315 and 400 are equipped with compensation winding.


The armature core consists of discs of high grade insulated electroplates and incorporates a large number of cooling ducts. The core package is pressed onto the armature shaft with a high interference fi t to ensure torque transfer.

Armature winding

The armature winding is of dual coat type-insulated copper. The copper coils are placed in enveloping slot insulation and held in the slots by glass fibre tape.

Electrical design


Rating data corresponds to class H utilization.
Base speed
The rated motor speed at rated output, rated voltage, full excitation and normal operating temperature. The tolerance for standard motors with shunt winding is for speed and torque ± 5 %.
Field weakening range
The ratio of the maximum electrical speed to the base speed. Permissible fi eld weak en ing range is max 1:3 for uncompensated motors. Higher fi eld weak en ing values can be sup plied on request. Field weakening range for motors with compensating wind ing is max 1:5.


The motors are normally designed for an excitation voltage of 310 V.

Impulse excitation

When the excitation voltage is supplied from a converter, a fi eld forcing voltage of up to 1.5 times the rated value may be applied to a maximum of 500 V. Higher fi eld forcing on request.

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Low and High Voltage

Process Performance Motors

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Low voltage General performance IE2 high efficiency motors according to EU MEPS

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Low Voltage General Purpose Brake Motors

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Low Voltage Roller Table Motors

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Low voltage Water cooled motors

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Liquid-filled small power transformers
From 5 to 63 MVA up to 170 kV

One global partner

ABB - A Global Leader

Small power transformers - scope and application

The range

A new generation of transformers

Product excellence

Uninterruptible power supply systems

Uninterruptible power supply systems

Standalone and modular portfolio
1 kVA to 5 MVA


PowerValue 11

PowerValue 31


PowerWave 33



Conceptpower DPA 250

Conceptpower DPA 500