tesa® Products

Fastening and Bonding

In a highly competitive global marketplace dictated by the speed of change and technological advancement, tesa recognises your needs for more creative and innovative solutions in relation to economic and time factors.
From the well-known double sided polyester tape widely used by the E&E industry to electrically conductive film for the smart card industry, tesa fastening and bonding systems are known for their excellent quality. More importantly, tesa innovative systems help cut down your fastening and bonding process thus enabling you to reduce cost and save time.
As a company that constantly looks to expand its product range to better meet your growing needs, tesa also provides a wide range of customised solutions on top of standard products. Take EasySplice for example, it is a system strategically designed for the flying reel changes in the paper and printing industry and is today one of our most popular industrial products. You see, at tesa, we always make it our business to respond to your specific needs, with better quality or even more cost-efficient solutions.

Protection and Masking

In the protective and masking tape sector, tesa is preferred for its innovative and reliable application solutions in the trade and consumer sectors. Our state-of-the-art production plants, strong R&D and advanced technology ensures that you always enjoy the highest standards and most consistent quality in every tesa product.
As one of the most established European manufacturers of self-adhesive tapes, tesa not only offers you the basic products but a wide range of specialty tapes for almost every area of applications in the field of protection and masking. As our valued customer, you will have access to a host of creative solutions: from the renowned decorator's crepe to ultra-transparent, scratch-resistent foils such as tesa Glassguard, from a whole spectrum of paper and fabric/bonded fibre tapes to high temperature resistant Kapton tape broadly used by the electronic industry, each is designed to meet your most demanding application.

Inner and Outer Packaging

tesa provides a wide range of top-of-the-line adhesive tape solutions specially designed to complement your packaging system needs. Our products range from the internationally renowned tesa film to the more specialised packaging tape like Tamper Evident.
As a customer-oriented company, tesa is constantly anticipating and meeting your needs through the best quality and most innovative products. This is made possible with a strong emphasis on research and development where we consistently seek to improve our product range and enhance their applications.
Taking the Tamper Evident for example, which is becoming hugely popular in the rapidly expanding security applications market, or tesa Easy Stick which is now a household name synonymous with stationery tool for offices and workshops, they are all the results of tesa's consistent R&D effort designed to serve you better.